Foto: Albert Hagenaars


Tomás de Faoite was born in Dowth, Ireland in 1956. After travelling extensively in Europe, he settled in The Netherlands, initially in Rotterdam. At the moment he lives in Breda. His passion is the podium. Reinart Editions published his collection Dust in 1998. In 2002 the cd Infant Air was produced by Sands Press Productions.

Tomás de Faoite is geboren in Dowth, Ierland in 1956. Hij reisde door Europa en vestigde zich in Nederland, aanvankelijk in Rotterdam. Momenteel woont hij in Breda. Hij presenteert zijn poëzie en muziek het liefst vanaf het podium.
Tot nu verschenen de bundel Dust (Reinart Editions, 1998) en de cd Infant Air (Sands Press Productions, 2002).

Green father
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I am standing on top of the tumulus,
My dead mother by my side.
We are here to say goodbye to Bres,
To this place called Dowth. The Dark.

Two old sheep hobble about, grazing
The rim of the mound, swallows
Pirouette overhead, eating morsels
On the wing. I take my mother’s hand.

Although there is something beneath
The depth of our words, deeper still,
Below breath, rising up every day
To meet us,
Fear not that which is high.

Day turns to dusk. Ensuing night
Is deep and dark. A thick mist
Cloaks the standing stones.
The air is strange, pure, infant.